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/ by Claire Stragier / September 2013 / Le Routier, Ghent

Video performance in dialogue with a work by Piet Mertens. Part of a group exhibition in a soon to be destroyed café.
The title is a quote from Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. The photos in the publication are taken in Warsaw during the summer of 2014 at the Monument for the Unknown Soldier. The performance was filmed a few days before the opening of the exhibition, in front of the café.

Other artists: Jan Wyffels, Aurélie Gravas, Delphine Somers, Weld, Michiel Ceulers, Nikolaas Demoen, Koba De Meutter, Kitty Bons, Frank Van Hiel, Piet Mertens, Adriaan Verwée, Kato Vanpoperinghe, Ann Vandersleyen, Elke Van Kerckvoorde, Merlyn Paridaen, Dieter Durinck, Maria Degrève, Damien De Lepeleire, Bob Van de Putte

+ Publication Le Routier

works to follow

28.09.2013 - 06.10.2013
Le Routier, Ghent
Group exhibition